Uchi’s travel report to Europe.4

April 17th, Tuesday.

I went to Markneukirchen from Munich via Nuerunberg by train. It took  about four  hours. I enjoyed beautifull scenery of green fields from the window of train.
Mr. Steffen Meinel picked me up at Plauen Station. Then we went to Markneukirchen by his car.  I checked in my favourite hotel of Alpenhof Hotel. I stayed in this hotel more than ten times within these seven years. All of the hotel owner family is a good friends of mine.

April 18th, Wednesday.
From this day until 22nd for about one week I stayed here to attend the zither seminar.
Today I visited Wuensche workshop to get a technical guidance of adjusting and completeion of fitting electirical components for my E-zither.
In the evening, I was  invited by Wuensche family to join the brthday party of Peter, father of Steffen and Frank. I thankfully accepted the invitation and enjoyed it.

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