Mr. Tomy Temerson’s visit Japan for his zither concerts and seminar (March 18th to 30th, 2014)(S. Uchikoshi)

Mr. Tomy Temerson (herein called Tomy)  visited Japan and stayed for about two weeks from March 18th to 30th. His visit to Japan was one of the  regular ones every two years. During his stay in Japan this time, he performed his zither concerts in two places, one in west Japan (Nishinomiya City), another in east Japan (Itoh City). Also, he held a zither seminar in Nishinomiya City.

March 22nd, Saturday: Zither concert at Hyogo Geibun Hall.
March 23rd, Sunday: Zither seminar in Nishinomiya City.
March 26th, Tuesday: Zither lunch concert, near Mt. Fuji.
March 28th, Thursday: Zither concert in Itoh City.

His zither concert at Hyogo Geibun Hall was attended and listened by about three hundred  audiences. The concert started by a zither ensemble play with fifteen ladies of our ANZ members. Tomy performed as a conductor of the ensemble. All the ladies wore Tirol diendl.
When Tomy played his zither, his finger works were displayed on the big screen at the playing stage, shot by Video camera. This display showing gave very good feeling to  the audiences. Beside Tomy’s zither solo plays, zither duo with Mitsuko Eto was performed. Also zither trio by Tomy, Mitsuko and Kako Ishihara was performed, too.

The special event was held to perform some music composed by Erzog Max. of Bayern for his daughter Elizabeth (Sis-si) who married with Austrian king. The explanation of historical episode about Elizabeth was given by Syunpa  Seto.The beautiful Sis-si appeared on the screen, which the audiences watched and enjoyed, helped by Seto’s good narratives.

The zither seminar was held for some applicants either individually or in group lesson.
Some students got new music for their home works.

A home concert was performed at a house near Mt. Fuji. The house is owned by S. Uchikoshi. About twenty-five of his friends got
together in the house and enjoyed wine and lunch. Tomy’s zither solo play and duo play with Mitsuko were also performed. As the guest musicians for this concert, Jazz singer Peko Tomoko, Alto Sax. player Y. Sakagami and Pianist M. Katsuya were joined to Tomy’s zither and made happy to the audiences, indeed.
One of enchores, Tomy played “Flowers will bloom for tomorrow” which is the supportors song for the victims of Tsunami disasters which
happened three years  ago. This music was arranged by F. Golden. All the audiences were deeply moved by this song played by Tomy.

The final zither concert at Itoh City was performed at a Japanese classic hot spring Inn. The name of concert hall is Baum Halle, which has nearly one-hundred year history after constructed in the Inn. The number of seats is about one hundred.
During two sessions of concert in the afternoon and night, all seats were fully occupied by  the audiences. The contents of concert were almost the same as in Nishinomiya. But specially added some Japanese zither solo melodies arranged by Kako Ishihara.
The song “Flowers will bloom for tomorrow”, was also played by Tomy there. The  audiences instantly were singing with Tomy’s zither playing, and some of them were  moved to tears.

After completing the above performances and playing, leaving wonderful impression of zither playing behind, Tomy left Japan and returned his home with a promise of visiting Japan again after two years.

The end.

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