Dear All of Our Zither Instructors and Friends(s.u.)

Dear All of Our Zither Instructors and Friends,First, we would like to inform you that the zither players in our group in Japan are increasing in number recently. And we should like to thank very much for our zither instructors and zither friends in foreign countries and in Japan as well, who kindly rendered us their help and guidance for our obtaining the know-how and techniques of zither playing so far.

However, the zither playing is still not so popular as other music instruments in Japan, and the zither players here are also performing in limited places in Japan. We wish to promote the zither playing to be more familiar and popular in Japan, then we need to have our new publicity means for letting people know by using the internet, etc.

With a view to achieving this aim, we have lately established our new association as follow, named:

All Nippon Zither Friends Association (ANZ)

And we have just started our activity from February, 2012. You are kindly requested to visit website of ANZ (

With our best regfards,

S. Uchikoshi, Advisor to ANZ, for and on befalf of Mitsuko Eto, Chief Representative of Alll Nippon Zither Friends Association.

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