Gebirgs Zither donated to Hamamatsu City Musical Instrument Museum from Wuensche Zitherbau, Germany.(S.Uchikoshi)

Dear Frank, Steffen and Mrs. Helga Meinel,
I am very glad to inform you that I have handed over the Gebirgs Zither to Mr. K. Shima
of Hamamatsu City Musical Instruments Museum on the 10th of August, 2012.
Please refer to the attached photo. He said many thanks for your kind donation. He will
display the zither at the zither corner as soon as possible. He asked me to convey you
his best regards.
I played my zither at the Museum on the same day. I hope the audiences enjoyed my
zither play and play together with a lady’s piano play from the Museum.
With my best regards,
S. Uchikoshi
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