The Wuenshe’s New type Harp Zither 2(S.Uchikoshi)

As for the speciality and the details on the new Harp Zither of
Wilfried Sharf Model are as follows;
1. Special wooden materials of walnut is used.
2. Surface finished by varnish shellac.
3. The high grade mechanic used nurcre.
4. New styke zither of powerfull and clear sounds.
5. The size of the zither is slightly bigger than normal harp zither.
   More details of the dimensions will be informed upon request.
6. Time of shipment is about six (6) months after order.
7. Price of the zither is 5,600 euro. The Yen price of the zither to be
   delivered in Japan will be informed upon request, because we must
   calcurate the exchange rate of euro to yen, air freight, import duty
   and so on.
8. You are kindly requested to give your inquiry of this new harp zithet
   to S. Uchikoshi.
The end.
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