Brief report on Mr. Tomy Temerson in Japan for his zither concert and seminar.(S.Uchikoshi)

Within a week from 8th of March 2012, Tomy had successfully carried out his performances of total three zither concerts and three seminars in Japan.
On the very biginning of each concert, he played Japanese famous traditional music o fSakura (arranged by Kako Ishihara titled as “Hanafubuki”), with his short Japanese message announced that he deeply wishes nice cherry brossom seaon will come soon all over Japan especially to the area of East Japan where attacked by big Tunami just one year ago.
Audiences were much impressed his excellent play of the Japanese wellknown Sakura by his zihter.
Beside his solo play, total six zither duo with Mitsuko Eto had performed.
We enjoyed very mcuh those duo for the excellent harmony and technique they produced.
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